S. Roit has been reading since perhaps age three, which makes it about -cough cough- years and counting. This strange creature read everything, as in, the entire library (including encyclopedias). This was in the Dark Ages, my pretties. A world without internet. (Cue blood-curdling scream.) Authors were faceless rock stars, therefore it never occurred to S. that someone from a tiny (really tiny) town could pursue a writing career. Not even with a 4.0 in English.

S. dabbled in poetry, wrote lyrics in a band, played all the parts in one-person skits, talked to invisible people, (but they were real, every writer understands this) and in general, did not live in the same world as everyone else. One day, after  a  year and a half of prompting from role play partners, S. sat down and banged out a novel. Lo and behold (and much to S.'s constant amazement), that novel was picked up by the first publisher it was sent to. (Snowbooks was so kind to get that book off the floor.)

S. now resides in a cozy apartment in Seattle, and often may be found haunting such places as West 5. Roit has had published (since 2008),  seven novels,  one collection of shorts, and a wee poetry book. 

Roit has long had a fascination with horror/human nature, and it may be worth noting that Roit has always had a particular interest in bloodsuckers. 

S. Roit  created and edited this entire site as well as the Paris PassionnĂ© and Anatomy of Darkness novels, and is available for freelance proofreading and review. Prices negotiable.  Please use the subject line Editing in your email.

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