June 19, 2017

I'm alive! I realized that I needed to tweak the site a bit, and also that I hadn't done a blog or anything else, in a while.  I've done far more updating on my facebook page, and as such, kept forgetting this page. Oops.

I know it's been some time since my last novel hit the public realm, and where I was once a rapid story-teller, it's gotten a lot slower. I think really that, those original stories were so built up in my head over time, they were bursting to get out. Now, it's  back to ideas and seeing which follow through. I do have a few works-in-progress. Follow ups to GRIMALKIN MANOR and ANATOMY OF DARKNESS, as well as three other novels, completely unrelated to any of my other stuff. Oh! And let's not forget a possible "children's story" that adults would still enjoy, I hope, that honestly would be best with illustration. I've written it, and it's sitting there, most of it. I am debating trying a few styles of my own illustration, or asking around to better artists. Hmm.

And that's where I'm at. I do need to knuckle down, I think. I also have aspirations in photography, still, but that's another story...

BTW, ALL rights are mine. Please do not purchase any audio books still out there, as I have NOT been getting royalties from them, something that was once remedied, and may still have some stragglers.

April 17th, 2014

All PI reissues have been out a time and received a decent response. Hooray! Most amazing, however, is my version of GRIMALKIN MANOR, which is building some steam and chugging along. This is truly heartwarming. I didn't write in the hopes to be rich and famous (in that expectation lies insanity), but it IS very encouraging to know people are actually reading these crazy things I come up with. Now, if you haven't all given up on this yet, I'm also here to inform you that I'm 3/4 of the way through the draft of the FINAL Paris Immortal installment. There will be a bonus at the end for you fans. Also, please do check out my bibliography page for all of my versions/books. I've even written a bit of poetry that oops! I need to link. It's called (From the Heart)

The third Paris Immortal revamp is out. The fourth coming in January. It's going slow, but STEADY, and I'm happy. Definitely makes me feel better about tackling that last one...Thank you for your support, new fans and old.

Here is a link to the ONE special redone PAPERBACK if you are interested: https://www.createspace.com/4959722?temp-new-window-replacement=true

Second Paris Immortal revamp is out. And you helped it hit number ONE in my genres. So encouraging, and gets me more out of the dumps and in the better place to write. Let's face it - we all need affirmation once in a while. Working on formatting third and fourth, and yes...I threw some words down in FIVE.

The rights to the Paris Immortal Series have come back home to me. I have revamped covers to something completely different, and am polishing them. The first in series is now available at a much lower price! I will have paperbacks as well! This also means, that as long as I know it seems to be taking, I WILL cap this off with that 5th one eventually.

Anatomy of Darkness will have a second edition, published by Snowbooks in the UK, February 2015. I for one am looking forward to another cover...

ANATOMY OF DARKNESS now available. July 2013

GRIMALKIN MANOR: in print FEB 2013 

UPDATE: GRIMALKIN MANOR official release, JUNE 2. It is, however, in limited release at the moment.

An advance review: http://horrornews.net/71726/book-review-grimalkin-manor-author-s-roit/


PARIS IMMORTAL series available in all KINDLE formats.

http://vampire-love-affair.com/?p=288 INTERVIEW

On the work front: Oct 2012

 PI 5 around 40,000 words.

You know the drill, my Immortals. 


Straight up horror.

ANATOMY OF DARKNESS:  around 24,000 words. I'm loving the tone of it so far. It's dark and dank. 

 1 September 2010: PARIS PASSIONNE: Intimate glimpses of Michel and Gabriel, available in print. This is a collection of erotic shorts.

Interview at Horrornews.net


Love Vampires' 4.5 star review of PI.

Someone's Read it Already, 4 star review.

Taliesin gives PI a 7 out of 10.

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