MC: What is your mortal birth date?

Travis: November 22, '36.

MC: What is your immortal birth date?

Travis: November '67.

MC: What is your favorite scent?

Travis: Likely I could list a few, but right now we'll go with Yellow Water, AUS.

MC: What does that smell like?

Travis: Fishing trips with Dad. Home.

MC: Ah. I see. It's a memory association thing.
What is your favorite color?

Travis: I'm partial to blues.

MC: And your favorite blood type?

Travis: AB-.

MC: Where on the body is your favorite place to bite?

Travis: Everywhere. But especially around a mouthful of...

MC: A mouthful of what?

Travis: Breast.

MC: LOL--Just wanted to confirm.
Where on your body is your favorite place to be bitten?

Travis: Inner thigh, femoral artery.

MC: Are you ticklish?

Travis: No.

MC: No? Not anywhere?

Travis: All right, my feet a little.

MC: Only a little, huh. OK.
Never heard anyone being *a little* ticklish on their feet.

Travis: First time for everything.

MC: Do you have any piercings?

Travis: Yes.

MC: Care to mention where?

Travis: Prince Albert. Nipples.

MC: Mmm. Made for sex. I like that.

Travis: I'm made for sex, darl.

MC: Hmmm.
Do you play an instrument?

Travis: Yes.

MC: Which one? I can imagine you playing several.

Travis: Guitar.

MC: And that was definitely one I imagined you with.
What is your favorite song?

Travis: There isn't just one.

MC: Then could you name one of them?

Travis: Let's Stay Together.

MC: Al Green. Yes, that's a good one. And speaking of staying together...
What is your favorite sex position?

Travis: Same as above.

MC: And again, would you name one? Most preferred maybe.

Travis: It depends on my mood, darl. I like them all, and likely some you've never heard of. I'm a naughty boy. But all right, here's one that's always good. Her straddling me with her back to my chest, facing a mirror.

MC: *Her*? Is there now a specific her in your life?
And yeah, that position is excellent.

Travis: As I don't date men, what else would you expect me to say?

MC: Just clarifying.
What is your favorite movie?

Travis: This is getting redundant.

MC: Yes, it is. But I'm again going to ask you to name one.

Travis: Anything Quentin.

MC: Tarantino. Excellent.
Amos and Andy or Martin and Lewis?

Travis: Martin and Lewis, babe.

MC: What is your favorite memory?

Travis: Two; Michel finding me. The other's private.

MC: Where on your body is your favorite place to be touched?

Travis: Back of the neck.

MC: When your eyes change do you see things differently?

Travis: Sometimes, in some ways.

MC: I won't ask you to explain because I probably can't imagine.

Travis: And it can be right difficult to explain.

MC: And one last question...
Do you know where the kookaburra sits?

Travis: In the old gum tree.

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