MC: So, we're here with Michel Lecureaux, vampire extraordinaire.
Tell me, Michel, exactly how old are you?

Michel: I was born on Décembre 15, 1621. I shall allow you to do the math.

MC: That's.... really old.

Michel: Your point?

MC: No point, really. Just observation. And impressive.

Michel: Mm. I suppose it is.

MC: And your entire name?

Michel: Michel Jean Noël Lecureaux

MC: That's quite a handle. Very pretty. Especially the Noel part.

Michel: Merci.

MC: OK, let's see...Can you go out in the daylight?

Michel: Interesting question. Can you?

MC: *short laugh* Of course I can. And I sense you're avoiding the question so we'll move on. Unless you'd like to answer...

Michel: I'm sorry, did you say something?

MC: Hahaa. I see.
Moving on...Do things like crucifixes and garlic affect you?

Michel: I assume you ask because I am a vampire. My reply is...Ahah...ahahah, ahahahah!

MC: I guess that speaks for itself.
Can you eat or drink, besides blood, that is?

Michel: Oui.

MC: What are your favorites?

Michel: Hot chocolat, and not what passes for such in America, thank you. Some tea upon occasion. Wine, though I prefer it with blood, mind you. As for food, well. Not so often. Strawberries, perhaps. Dipped in blood and chocolat. Then, one must sip champagne.

MC: Interesting... you don't hear about vampire being able to consume food very often.

Michel: Likely because your knowledge comes from cinema, no?

MC: Well, yeah. But I've read certain books too and you don't read about vamps eating all that often. is your favorite event in history?

Michel: Laying eyes on Gabriel. The revolution was also rather interesting.

MC: All the history you've seen, it must be an amazing thing.

Michel: You've no idea...

MC: No. There's really no way I or any other mortal could possibly relate.
How long have you been with your beautiful partner, Gabriel?

Michel: Since August of 1641.

MC: Wow, you can remember that far. But of course, that's a major event.

Michel: Yes, it was, and I have an excellent memory.

MC: What was the last book you read?

Michel: Death and Eroticism. It was read to me. Ah, pardon. I myself then read Carmilla, though it is a short story.

MC: Hmm. Sounds like that could have been a rather interesting reading.

Michel: The first, you mean? It is the philosophical musings of Georges Bataille. Likely not what you were imagining. As for Carmilla, why, it is responsible for many of your lesbian vampire films.

MC: Yes, well, mention eroticism and my mind tends to go in one direction. I've read Carmilla, long ago and have heard about its link to the lesbian vampire movies.
Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?

Michel: No doubt there's been something.

MC: Care to elaborate?

Michel: If I did, don't you think I would have?

MC: Not unless you were playing coy, but again, that could be a rather personal question so I'll withdraw it.

Michel: Coy, moi?

MC: *laughs* No, of course not.
OK, next....Do you like to clean?

Michel: Clean what, my dear?

MC: *grin* Anything.

Michel: In this case, yes.

MC: And I think I better leave that alone.
What's the last song that got stuck in your head?

Michel: Stuck? I do not believe songs become stuck in my head.

MC: You don't ever have a tune that just plays over and over in your head?

Michel: Non.

MC: Interesting.
What's better: eternal love or memorable love?

Michel: Both.

MC: Yes, that is a hard choice.
What's new in your life right now?

Michel: Wouldn't you like to know.

MC: Well, yes. I might the readers of this interview.

Michel: Mystery can be such an alluring thing.

MC: No, of course you're not coy.
OK. What are you wearing?

Michel: Flesh and a grin.

MC: *another short laugh* For some reason that doesn't surprise me.

Michel: I should think not.

MC: What special gifts do you have? And by that I mean of the vampire type.

Michel: Ah, wouldn't you simply love for me to list them.

MC: I would. So could you? Even just one or two?

Michel: Oh, very well. You shall receive two and like it, darling.
Telekinesis (you would call it).
Of a sudden I am feeling generous, and so you shall receive a bonus.

MC: Flight, really? You mean like Superman?

Michel: I out class Superman by far.

MC: *laughter* Not surprising.
What is your biggest fault?

Michel: Impatience.

MC: What is your favorite book? Movie?

Michel: In a life so long, I cannot choose only one.

MC: Then how about choosing two or three? Just to give me a flavor of what you like.

Michel: I like a lot of things, chérie, and mood is everything.

MC: Of course.
Favorite arcade game?

Michel: Anything that comes to my mind, I wouldn't of a necessity term games. Ah, though I have seen someone play hopscotch in an arcade, come to think of it. In any event, I play hide and seek of a sort, personally. Or perhaps I should say— stalk and take.

MC: Um. Yes, but I meant like video games. Do you play video games?

Michel: Then why did you not ask me this, if this is what you meant? To answer your question: yes, I do upon occasion.

MC: Thank you M. Lecureaux.


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